Summer Science in New England

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Harbor Discoveries is an environmental science-focused summer camp based at the New England Aquarium where campers study New England’s coastal and marine environment. They participate within a network of other New England camps in the New England Ocean Science Education Collaborative (NEOSC) Summer Science Program which "provides an ocean scientist- and educator-guided citizen science experience for teens across a wide geographical area, supports and trains informal science center staff to incorporate citizen science while using environmental literacy principles with teens, and offers opportunities for all participants - teens, educators, and scientists - to share findings with peers at annual regional forums."

Researchers and educators integrate geospatial technologies into summer camp activities to give the students exposure to such technological and scientific concepts as Global Position Systems and Geographic Information Systems. The campers use these technologies to collect, display and analyze data from the field. At the end of the week, they present their maps and results to their parents and the New England Aquarium community.

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