Satelitte Tagging and GIS

Putting on tag

Researchers attaching a tag to a dolphin's dorsal fin.

The Rescue and Rehabilitation Program at the New England Aquarium has responded to over 4,000 strandings since 1968. Satellite telemetry or tagging of rehabilitated animals is one of the new tools this program is using to assess how well the animals are responding to treatment and overall fitness after their release. We are using GIS technology to map the satellite tag data from these animals, as well as analyzing these locations relative to bathymetry, satellite derived sea surface temperature, and chlorophyll-a concentrations. Certain types of satellite tags can also provide information regarding diving activity, which we can use to understand behavior to the animals surroundings.

We have recently monitored the release of two white sided dolphins as well as green and kemps ridley sea turtles using satellite telemetry.

Visit the New England Aquarium's Rescue and Rehabilitation Program webpage to learn more, or visit their blog to get their most recent photos, videos and stories.

Sat. tagged white-sided dolphins

Tracks of two satellite tagged stranded white-sided dolphins.

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