Marine Spatial Planning

Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning
Image source credit: SeaPlan
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Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning (CMSP) is a “comprehensive, adaptive, integrated, ecosystem-based, and transparent spatial planning process, based on sound science, for analyzing current and anticipated uses of the ocean.” The Marine GIS Group is supporting regional and state projects to understand the spatial and temporal distribution of uses and ecosystem services by providing unique analysis and data integration.

Some of our CMSP projects include:

*The spatial characerization of marine turtles, mammals, and large pelagic fish to support CMSP in New York State
*An assessment of suitable offshore aquaculture sites in the Gulf of Maine integrating social, biological, and economic factors
*Massachusetts Ecosystem Services Tradeoff Project

For additioanl information and background on CMSP, pleas visit NOAA's CMSP website or SeaPlan's CMSP website.

To learn more about other projects, visit the main "Projects" page.