Satellite Tagged Dolphins

Mass strandings are extraordinary, catastrophic events. In Cape Cod Bay, they often involve large numbers of pelagic delphinids coming ashore within a short period of time, sometimes over a large geographic area. Satellite telemetry now provides us the means to determine conclusively how well stranded dolphins can respond after beach release.

Dolphin in stretcher Sat. tag
A stranded white-sided dolphin is rescued by the New
England Aquarium Rescue Team.
A satelitte tag is attached to the dorsal fin.


Sat. tagged dolphin tracks
Click to view larger image.

On March 11, 2010, 16 white-sided dolphins stranded on Cape Cod. Rescue teams, including the New England Aquarium's Rescue Team, responded and were able to rescue and release six of these animals. Two of these dolphins were fitted with satelltte tags allowing us to track their post-release movements. The video below follows their movements over time. You can also view the static map to the right.


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