• Right Whales Right Whales Using GIS to help reduce the number of ship strikes and fishing gear entanglements to the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale.
  • Satelitte Tagging Satelitte Tagging Studying the movements and habitat use of satelitte tagged and released animals.
  • Marine Spatial Planning Marine Spatial Planning Using GIS to better manage the uses for our ocean space.
  • Phoenix Islands Marine Protected Area Phoenix Islands Marine Protected Area Working with researchers around the world to understand and protect this pristine marine environment.
  • Marine GIS at Boston University Marine GIS at Boston University Learning Marine GIS at Boston University's Marine Program.


Marine GIS at the New England Aquarium

The researchers at the New England Aquarium have understood the potential of using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for conservation and research in the marine environment since 1996. Geospatial technologies, which includes GIS allows researchers to analyze data geographically to better understand species distributions, study various impacts of human activities on populations, analyze movements, and search for environmental predictors to support conservation actions.Through the years, The GIS Group at the New England Aquarium has helped move shipping lanes in the Bay of Fundy to protect the North Atlantic right whale, tracked rehabilitated marine mammals and turtles, integrated oceanographic data collected from satellites with species locations, and use novel techniques to map distributions to support Marine Spatial Planning. We are continuting this research to further investigate spatial questions within the marine environment using GIS and Remote Sensing. Explore our current and past research projects to learn more about how we are using GIS to further research and constervation in the marine environment.

You can also learn more about our use of GIS at the New England Aquarium on the New England Aquarium's website here.

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